Agriculture and Disaster Risk Analytics using Next Intelligence (AGRANI)


One stop 'end-to-end' SaaS based Solution for all stakeholders of Agriculture and Disaster Management.


Comprehensive platform where Client Specific Solutions and Real Time / Predictive Analytics are available related to:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Agriculture Value Chains & Risk Assessment
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Analytics
  • Disaster Risk Financing
  • Banking
  • Insurance

AGRANI' would be a one stop solution to all stakeholders of agriculture and disaster risk reduction ……………

This product is aimed to connect the dots in Agriculture & Disaster Management for a comprehensive assessment. Our aim is to build this product with so much passion and precision that people should feel the gravity and intensity of its scientific accuracy …………..

A journey through 'AGRANI' should bring smile in the face of all stakeholders ………………..

AGRANI is a Dynamic System. It is characterized by three keywords: Flexibility, Context-Specific Solutions, & User-Driven Analytics.

  • Flexibility: Ability of selecting appropriate variables / models from Variable / Model pool according to the Need and Optimality in real time processing stage.
  • Context-Specific Solutions: Capability of providing solutions considering the Client Specific Requirement, Spatial & Socio-economic Complexities, Scale (Global / Local / Hyperlocal) and Real Time Aberration.
  • User Driven Analytics: It will enable users to provide inputs relevant to the problem statement. This aspect will be significant in crowdsourcing and inculcating data for deciphering local / hyperlocal complexities.

“Real time and Predictive Insights are generated using Deep Analytics based on Space Technology, Association Analytics, Sensitivity Analysis, Agent-Based Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Frameworks.“

AGRANI is completely capable of providing fully automated solutions, but the provision of adopting Hybrid Approach for generating analytics makes it more powerful.

This capability helps in checking the accuracy and precision of generated insights in real time.

It therefore has significant role in removing the possibility of any aberration in the system.

AGRANI can also be used as a robust error-controlling and testing system.

AGRANI would be having a centralized knowledge engineering module.