North East Vision

North-East region of India is rich in biodiversity and is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots of world. Around 35% of country’s water resources and 40% of the hydropower potential is located in this region. This is also noteworthy that the north-east region is significant in terms of its proximity to important states of east for commercial activities and gateway. In addition, it shares international boundaries with Bangladesh and Myanmar. The region is also a gateway to the south Asian markets. The region is rich in resources and has fertile farmland. This means that the north eastern region of the country can be instrumental in its potential to contribute towards the development of country. The region is not just important for its biodiversity, fertile farmlands and economic gateways to neighbouring states and countries, but also has a huge significance in the context of socio-cultural characteristics and socio-demographic characteristics. Hence, it becomes very important to look at north east with not just from a scientific perception, but also from a socio-cognitive aspects as well.

Leads Research Lab (LRL) is a wing of LeadsConnect Services Pvt Ltd which aims to investigate the problems of north east which are scientifically and practically very relevant. In addition, aim of the Leads Research Lab is to build solutions which are people centric. Therefore, researchers in the lab have been passionately involved in investigating issues of different aspects and dimensions which either have been a persistent problem in north-east or may affect the north east region in future. There is a range of problems which may affect the sustainability and livelihoods of north-east region. Hence, this is absolutely necessary to study the problems and build solutions in such a manner which succeeds in bridging the gap between people and the solutions for them. Therefore, researchers of Leads Research Lab (LRL) have been working tirelessly on developing frameworks for connecting people as well. The aim is to make people aware of the problems and possible solutions. In addition, working on such frameworks paves way for community participation as well for developing robust solutions. The LRL is currently engaged in performing investigations and development of products pertaining to the following themes:

  • Natural Hazard Analytics
    •  Flood
    • Flash Floods
    • Landslides
    • Forest Fire
  • Agri-Analytics
  • Biodiversity Analytics
  • Environmental disaster monitoring system
    • Agricultural Disasters
    • Biodiversity disasters
    • Wildlife disasters
    • Hurricanes
    • Droughts
    • Human health disasters
  • Intelligent forest disturbance monitoring system
  • Urban Informatics