Nagaland the land of 'Great Indian Hornbills'


located in the north-eastern region of India & shares boarder with Indian states such as Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur. It also shares boarder with Myanmar.


as per 2011 census, the population of Nagaland is 19,78,502. As observed between 2001 & 2011, this is the only state which observed drop in population. Major urban agglomerations in the state are Dimapur and Kohima


It is primarily a mountainous state. The highest peak in the state is Mount Saramati which has an elevation of 3.841 metres. Major rivers in the state are Doyang, Diphu and Barak river.


Primarily, has a monsoon climate and experiences high humidity. In Nagaland, summer season is the shortest and winter arrives early.


Around 70% are dependent in agriculture and major crops are rice, millet, maize and pulses. Cash crops in this region are sugarcane and potato.


Due to mountainous topography, infrastructural development in this state has always been a challenge. Transportation Infrastructure is dependent on the road network.