Remote Sensing & GIS

We have a well-equipped and skilled team which is hugely experienced in handling projects related to application of geospatial technology in different areas such as agriculture, risk management, climate change & hazard, disaster management, biodiversity & landscape science, city & urban resilience, location intelligence, natural resource management & health analytics. We believe that the geospatial technology is instrumental in deciphering the complexities of aforementioned fields. GIS is a platform which has potential for effective geographic data visualizations and assessment & modelling for geospatial data. The team has been using GIS technology for providing services effectively. This is also necessary that the process which is responsible for quantifying patterns need to be assessed with precision and accuracy for deploying solutions which are practically & scientifically relevant. In addition, spatial data mining is an absolute necessity for building effective, robust and consistent solutions using geospatial technology. Hence, the team has been involved consistently in developing solutions and frameworksĀ  for the aforementioned fields using advance aspects of geospatial science & technology.

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