Research & Development

Research Agenda

Leads Research Lab (LRL) is a product-based research & development unit.
The aim of this group is to investigate problems of earth system sciences which are practically and scientifically relevant.

Leads Research Group firmly believes that research investigations must be solution oriented and must help the community to confront challenges.

Furthermore, development of innovative frameworks and models are in the scope of research cell to address the research problems effectively.
The beauty and strength of this research cell is its interdisciplinary nature. Members of the lab are from different disciplines spanning from agriculture, remote sensing & GIS, statistics, geography & geology, mathematics, information & computer science, and forestry.
In addition, experts of various disciplines are also associated with the group. The research cell has also associated scientific writers to disseminate scientific findings and research-based stories effectively to the government bodies, research organisations and the masses.

The various geographical regions in which the Leads Research Lab has been performing investigations related to different research problems include the Northern Region, Eastern and North-Eastern Region.
Tools & Technologies being used by the Leads Research Lab for its investigation of different research problems include Satellite Remote Sensing Analytics, GIS, Network Analysis Tools, Landscape Ecological Tools, and Machine Learning Algorithms.

Research Areas

Leads Research Lab (LRL) has been engaged in performing research and development investigations pertaining to agricultural analytics, climate & hazard analytics, biodiversity analytics, urban analytics, landscape analytics and geospatial analytics.
It has been extensively engaged in research & development activities of two dimensions, first, performing research & development of innovative products related to agricultural analytics, climate & hazard analytics, biodiversity analytics, urban analytics, landscape analytics and geospatial analytics. The second, addressing issues pertaining to the aforementioned fields using established and cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, Leads Research Lab (LRL) focuses on engaging in research & development activities related to formal sciences as well.

A strong foundation in formal sciences will ensure quality and significant research & product development in-application areas as well. Hence, the LRL has been engaged in developing models using the principles of formal sciences for confronting challenges of different disciplines.



Available expertise in handing projects related to various aspects of agricultural analytics such as crop health assessment & modelling, investigating crop phenology dynamics, crop damage assessment,& crop yield prediction at different levels.

Remote Sensing

Experienced in remote sensing technology for studying various events pertaining to earth system science spanning from physical system science to social system science aspects using optical , thermal and microwave remote sensing.


The in-house Research lab of company has experience of delivering projects using GIS platform. In addition, the lab has been engaged and working for development of innovative geospatial models.

Spatial Analysis & Modelling

Geostatistical models for investigating agricultural dynamics, natural hazards & landscape analytics have been developed by the R&D division of company using geospatial intelligence framework. In addition, models for studying urban analytics, and biodiversity analytics are under development.

Information Science

R&D division of the company is equipped with information science experts. This helps in delivering the solutions effectively by keeping the balance between technological complexities and user requirements.


We believe that statistics is the core requirement for developing solutions which are practically & scientifically relevant. Therefore, the research lab is adequately equipped with expertise on statistics.


Since we are engaged in developing products related to natural hazard analytics and climate change, therefore, we have associated experts on geology for effective delivery and development of products.

Environmental Science

We have associated with Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra – Ranchi for assessing the sustainability of lives and livelihoods of Santhal Pragna region of Jharkhand. Expertise on environmental science is required for this study & hence, environmental science experts have been associated.


The R&D division is comprised with members who have relevant and adequate experience in geographical science for studying earth system science events.

Artificial Intelligence

We have experience and expertise in developing models for investigating problems pertaining to agricultural analytics, climate change dynamics & natural hazard analytics, landscape analytics and urban analytics using artificial intelligence frameworks.

Machine Learning

We have developed models for assessing crop yield using machine learning algorithms. In addition, the in-house geospatial research lab has expertise of developing models to study various aspects of earth system science using machine learning algorithms.

Data Analytics

The in-house research lab is comprised of members who have experience and expertise in developing solutions using data analytics framework. Furthermore, the lab is currently engaged in developing models and solutions using data analytics framework.

Numerical Analysis &Data Modelling

This is absolutely necessary that principle of numerical analysis & data modelling should be employed to develop solutions which are robust, consistent and precise. Therefore, we have associated experts who have significant experience in numerical analysis & modelling.

Operational Research

Besides working in areas related to agriculture, climate change dynamics & natural hazard analytics, biodiversity analytics and landscape analytics, we are engaged in developing solutions for challenges pertaining to urban analytics. This requires strong foundation of operational research, and hence, we have associated experts on operational research as well.

Scientific Writings

We believe in increasing the outreach of our findings. Therefore, we have a team of science communicators to publish our findings in different platforms.

Weather Analytics

We have expertise and experience of using weather analytics for developing solutions related to agricultural analytics and other aspects earth system science.

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