Risk Management & Analytics

Assessment and Quantification of Risk in Agriculture & Allied Aspects

A framework to assess and quantify the risks associated with agriculture due to possibility of extreme weather events and other allied attributes, is inevitable. We have significant experience in providing services related to risk management and analytics. Our expertise includes efforts in the context of aspects such as risk associated with mid-season adversary and individual crop loss assessment.

Services related to mid-season adversary and individual crop loss assessment are also provided to our clients such as insurers, reinsurers and corporates.
An accurate assessment of risk associated with agriculture to prepare effective plans for crop hazard management has led us to work towards solutions for associated risks using predictive analytics as well.

In order to identify the potential factors which can damage crop health and their intensity of impact, we at LeadsConnect have been working to develop frameworks for sensitivity and impact analysis for construing the probable risks associated with agriculture.

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