Agri-Risk Management

The company has significant experience and dedicated team for providing agri-risk management services. The team is comprised of agricultural experts with huge industrial experience and reputation of delivering solutions. Besides having expertise and experience in delivering agri-risk management services, the company has dedicated research and development unit for developing solutions for various aspects of agri-risk management services. The company aims to provide services and deploy solutions with finesse. Therefore, we use advance technologies to build solutions along with a comprehensive presence of our field team across country. Regarding providing solutions to agri-risk management services, we cover various aspects of it such as automated identification of sowing & harvesting time, construing crop phenology dynamics, crop acreage assessment, crop health management, crop damage assessment, and crop yield modelling. Furthermore, a framework has been developed by the team to generate agri-credit score considering various aspects of it.

Robust platform for providing agri-risk management services is absolutely necessary as allied aspects of it is closely interlinked with each other and hence, complex in characteristics. This has been a challenge for an agriculture company to provide accurate and precise solution in the context of agri-risk management. There are various factors which make agri-risk management a complex and difficult task. Therefore, the research team of organisation has been engaged in studies for confronting the challenges and has been working towards developing single window solution to various aspects of agri-risk management services. Moreover, this is necessary to understand that there is a range of factors which affect and influence agricultural dynamics. So, it becomes a responsibility of an agriculture company to develop mechanisms and frameworks for addressing the complexities of agricultural ecosystem. This will help in providing an end-to-end solution for farm management.

Furthermore, there is a need of developing platforms which are capable of assessing the sensitivities of developed frameworks in the context of impact analysis. Otherwise, this would be very difficult for an agriculture company to provide practical and scientific solution. Hence, being an agriculture company, we are focusing on this aspect as well.

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