Urban Farming with Agriculture Technology Solutions

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Urban Farming with Agriculture Technology Solutions

We are in 2024 and technology has become the need of everyone’s lives. In fact, the agricultural business is not leaving a stone unturned to use technologies to enhance crop yield and manage farming smartly. In fact, advanced Agriculture technology in farmers promotes efficient and sustainable practices that also help farmers to grow in today’s agribusiness. So, if you are wondering about urban analytics and agricultural technologies, this blog is for you. Let’s get going.

Agriculture Technology also referred to as “agritech, ” which consists of a wide array of tools and strategies that improve agricultural output. It consists of remote sensor robotics, drones, satellites, mobile devices, and software.

What is the significance of modern technology in agriculture?

With the help of agricultural technology, the field work become more efficient and easy. With the latest development of technology every year, the agribusiness are modernising and making every process of fertilising cost-effective.

How Technology Is Transforming Agriculture?

Agricultural technologyĀ has gone through tremendous development as the pace of technological progress increases. For example – the early 20th-century era was known as “Agricultural 1.0”, as it was marked by the creation of the plough and the use of extensive animal draft. After that Agriculatr 2.0 came into existence, where the advent of mechanical equipment like tractors got underway. Agriculture 2.0 started towards the tail end of the 19th century with the introduction of mechanical machinery such as tractors.

Understanding the Evolution of Modern Technology in Agriculture

Precision Farming

  • It helped to track and manage all inputs into crop production efficiently.
  • Introduced the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS), which has helped farming become even more successful.
  • The idea of sustainable agriculture and automation process came out.

Connected Farming

  • From leap farming to connected farming, Agriculture 4.0 turned the agriculture industry.
  • It was part of the introduction of autonomous machines, remote sensors, and AI.
  • Now, the decision-making for the farmers was easy as the data was based on the cloud and was accessible via digital tools.

Digital Farming

  • It is referred to as the next generation of farming methods and strategies to maximise crop production.
  • One of the main technologies is 5G which is going to come soon and will enhance the reach and accessibility of the latest agritech achievements.

Different Types of Precision Farming Technology in Use

The Use of GPS Technology

Improve productivity by minimising the seeds and pesticide waste. It provides Location-based information that can further help you streamline the process and record information that can be used later on.

Remote Sensor is a Game Changer

Agriculture remote sensor technology helps to determining plant moisture, weather conditions, pest infestation, and more. It helps in making for informed decision, leading to more farming output.

Crop Monitoring is the New Trend

The EOSDA crop monitoring helps to generate field productivity by utilising the basic NDVI index. It also assist to understand the most productive part of the field, the correct way to apply fertilisers to the soil, and access groundwater in right way.

The ultimate benefits of Agricultural Technology

The execution of advanced technology is playing a major role in optimisation and automating agricultural operations. Given below are some of the most common benefits of agro-technology:

  • Enabling farmers to use less water, pesticides, and fertiliser to cut costs and boost profit.
  • Preventing chemical runoff into waterways and minimising the harsh impact on the environment.
  • Decrease labour inputs and increase crop outputs.
  • Reducing of the damage that could be caused by pests bad weather in agriculture with the help of an affordable monitoring system.
  • Removing barriers to access agricultural financial services and technological data.

Indeed, agriculture business is adancing day by day with urban analytics. So, if you’re into agricultural business, make sure to make use of these advanced technology and optimise your operations.

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