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Crop Loan

How to Apply for Crop Loan Scheme Online in India

A majority of the Indian population resides in rural areas. Hence, farming is the main occupation and a crucial part of the Indian economy. You can find all kinds of crops grown here. However, farmers always face the challenge of weather unpredictability. To tackle that, the government has taken...

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Smart Farming

Top 5 Smart Farming Technologies Transforming Agriculture

Farming, as the oldest occupation of the country, had come a long way since the days when manual handheld tools were used to the usage of technological machinery in modern times. From manually inspecting the fields to using remote sensors to study the crops, smart farming has significantly transformed...

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Modern Technology

How can Modern Technology in Agriculture Benefit Farmers?

The Indian agriculture sector is responsible for 18% of the total gross domestic product and 40% of the total Net Domestic Product of India. 64% of the country’s workforce is employed in agri-based businesses.  Farmers face many challenges because of the lack of accessibility of resources like technology and...

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Risk management

Risk Management Needs and Challenges for Agriculture

Agriculture is a field that is always at risk from weather fluctuations, natural hazards, pest infestations and diseases. Moreover, its dependency on natural resources and climate conditions makes it even more tricky for farmers to manage their farms. Similarly, declines in market prices and supply shortages are major issues...

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Remote Sensing

Use of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology in agricultural surveys

Agriculture is an integral part of a nation’s economy, be it producing food resources or trading. Producing efficient crops takes a lot of planning, management, analysis and precautions, as farming majorly depends on the environment and climatic conditions. Many factors can affect soil health and crop quality, like rain,...

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5 Ways Farmers Can Fight Climate Change: Agriculture and Climate Change

Today’s environmental reality has changed miserably as farmers constantly face climatic threats. The fluctuations in global climate have led to a decline in agricultural productivity by 21% as compared to what it should have been. It is because crops majorly depend on weather conditions, so if the weather conditions...

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How Climate Change Affects On Agriculture

How Does Climate Change Affect Agriculture in India?

Climate change refers to changes in the earth’s environmental conditions like temperature, rainfall patterns, storms, heatwaves, etc. It is caused by many natural and artificial factors, such as volcanic activity, variations in solar activity, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, mining, and many others. The growing industrial demand in India...

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