Net Zero Emission Efforts & Climate Change Challenges

Net Zero Emission & Climate Change

Net Zero Emission Efforts & Climate Change Challenges

“The world is reaching the tipping point beyond which climate change may become irreversible. If this happens, we risk denying present and future generations the right to a healthy and sustainable planet – the whole of humanity stands to lose.” – Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of UN


Net Zero Emission: Meaning & Significance

Net zero emission corresponds to slicing maximum possible greenhouse gas emissions and storing remaining greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in soil, plants etc.Ideally, achieving net zero emission aims close to zero greenhouse gas emissions.Urgent action is required for mitigating the impact of climate change. Taking measures towards Net Zero Emission can be a definitive action in this direction.

Climate change is no more a topic confined to mere discussions and deliberations. Its impact is now all out for us to see, feel and think. It is frightening to witness earth getting already 1.1 degree Celsius warmer than it was in the late 1800s. Perilous climate change has its mark on every sphere of human civilization. Hotter temperatures, frequent severe storms and extreme weather events are now a common phenomenon. It is expected that there would be an exponential rise in extreme weather events by 2030. This may have deadly effects on the sustainability of civilization.

Henceforth, urgent actions are required to confront the challenges of climate change. Otherwise, consequences of climate change will plague the human race in all possible respects.


Net Zero Emission: Global Pledges & Challenges

It is encouraging to see that 61% of countries have already committed to net zero emission. Moreover, more than 1200 companies have also set targets in the direction of net zero emission. With each passing day, the coalition is growing for achieving this target. These numbers can definitely be a breather.

However, there are challenges which cannot be overlooked as the path does not seem easy sailing. Specifically, challenges in following respects:

  • Commitments need to be backed by strong, unambiguous and definitive actions.
  • There is a concern regarding the quality of commitments. It has been reported that only 20% has met the criteria set by United Nations.
  • Total sum of commitments from nations across world is lower than 1% reduction by 2030 which is very concerning.
  • This is also reported from some sections that inadequate budget for meeting the objectives of net zero emission is a hindrance.
  • Transiting into green economy require adoption and implementation of cutting edge technologies.
  • Lowering carbon emissions in supply chain is difficult for companies as often it is an issue outside of their operation.


India’s Pledge for Net Zero Emission

India is the fourth largest carbon emitter in the world preceded by China, the United States and the European Union. It is however important to mention that considering huge population of India; its per capita carbon emission is lower than major economies. But observing the threat of climate change and urgency in taking required actions; India has also committed to net zero emission by 2070. In addition, it has also been committed that India would get 50% of energy from renewable sources and total carbon emission would be sliced by 1 billion tonnes by 2030. There is no doubt in the fact that achieving net zero emission target is humungous challenge for India as it is a developing country and one of the fastest rising economy. This calls for determined and stringent actions. The fact that India is witnessing phenomenal surge in population cannot be ignored. Growing population has consequences in the context of demand escalation. And attributing to the menace, economy of India is dependent on coal and oil. It is henceforth a journey of challenges for India when it comes to meeting the net zero emission targets. But timely and definitive actions can certainly help in contributing towards making earth a sustainable habitat.


Climate Change Challenge:  

LeadsConnect has always recognised the threat of climate change. Various research & development initiatives pertaining to climate change and environmental sustainability were taken in past for assessing biophysical impacts of climate change. The company has continuously been working to raise awareness about the grave consequences of climate change on humanity. And the possible actions which we as a collective society must take for mitigating the challenges of climate change. We have a clear understanding that holistic action along with institutional efforts need to be taken for countering the threat of climate change. Efforts in this direction from LeadsConnect are as following:

  • Northeast India Initiative: Dedicated Research & Development initiative for construing the biophysical impacts of climate change in the region.
  • Jharkhand Initiative: Research & Development initiative to assess environmental sustainability of the state.
  • Awareness Campaign: Continuous activities in different social media platforms to make people aware about the importance of understanding the causes and consequences of climate change.
  • Developed a dedicated One Stop Analytics platform for deciphering the dynamics of climate change.
  • One Stop Analytics platform for Climate Resilient Agriculture.
  • Developed a dedicated platform for Disaster Management.

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